Carlos Precioso

Hi! I'm a 24-year old MSc Design for Interaction student in Delft, The Netherlands. Previously, I have a obtained a degree in Industrial Design and Product Development Engineering by the Polytechnic University of València, Spain.

For me, design is the tool to advance humanity. Both an endeavour of abstract imagination and concrete problem-solving, it represents the methodology and tools that differentiate humans from anything else. As professional designers, we are uniquely positioned to create the future.

In my conception on design, I want the results of my design process to be realistic, simple solutions to tangible problems; in opposition to complicated, organically-grown bodges, or overly out-of-touch dreams. However, I see a high value in learning from both the bodges and the dreams, as they are the two extremes of the tensions that inform my work.

As such, I really enjoy working with people that can imagine crazily, and get to work in adapting those dreams to reality. I excel in teams of contrasting abilities, as I have the abilities to reconcile each of the ideas and put forward a melted propositions without losing vision and perspective.

In the middle of the creation process, I recognize and strive for the values of a cohesive vision for design, and incredibly value out-of-the-box solutions.

I'm open for Service, Product, Experience, or Design positions or internships! I am especially interested in IoT or FinTech, but open for other fields. You can see some of my work and contact me through the links in this page.